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Delphi Corporation

Delphi Corporation, a renowned automotive technology company, specializes in developing solutions for safer, greener, and more connected vehicles. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies, Delphi is a driving force in shaping the future of mobility. PYPRA has collaborated closely with Delphi Corporation, a global leader in automotive technology. Our partnership involved precision manufacturing of critical components, contributing to Delphi's commitment to innovation and excellence in the automotive industry.


Electrolux Group

Electrolux, a leading global appliance company, is committed to making everyday life more enjoyable and sustainable. With a rich history of innovation, Electrolux designs and manufactures appliances that enhance the quality of life for millions of people worldwide. PYPRA has been a trusted partner of Electrolux, engaging in the fabrication of high-quality structures to be used by the ELectrolux production team. Our collaboration with Electrolux showcases our dedication to delivering precision and reliability in the manufacturing world.



IGT stands as a global leader in gaming, committed to driving the future of entertainment through innovative technology and content. With a history rich in pioneering gaming solutions, IGT delivers exceptional experiences to players across lottery, digital, and social gaming. PYPRA partnered with IGT to craft specialized metal cases, showcasing our expertise in laser cutting and precision assembly. This collaboration highlights our commitment to delivering high-quality, customized solutions that enhance IGT's gaming products.



Tecma specializes in providing comprehensive manufacturing support in Mexico, focusing on lowering production costs and ensuring compliance with local regulations. They offer shelter services, which include staffing, site selection, and managing all necessary permits and licenses for successful manufacturing operations. Their state-of-the-art facilities are located in modern, secure industrial parks across Mexico, tailored to meet various manufacturing needs. For Tecma, PYPRA developed custom metal solutions to support Tecma's diverse range of manufacturing services. This partnership highlights PYPRA's capability to deliver high-quality, precision-engineered components, aligning with Tecma's commitment to operational excellence and cost-effectiveness in manufacturing.



Omnicell, a leader in healthcare solutions, enhances patient care with innovative medication management. Their technology supports hospitals in efficiently managing medications, improving both safety and outcomes. For Omnicell, PYPRA designed and manufactured durable cases for their healthcare machines. Our expertise in metal fabrication ensured that these cases met the high standards required in medical settings, highlighting our dedication to delivering high-quality, precision-engineered solutions.



Opengear offers critical network management solutions, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for businesses. They specialize in secure, intelligent IT infrastructure management, promoting operational reliability and efficiency. PYPRA worked with Opengear to create precise metal enclosures for their devices, demonstrating our metal fabrication expertise. This collaboration emphasizes our commitment to quality and our capacity to fulfill the unique demands of the tech sector, providing durable and functional products.



Hanon Systems specializes in innovative automotive thermal management, focusing on enhancing vehicle performance and comfort while prioritizing sustainability. Their cutting-edge solutions aim to reduce environmental impact and advance automotive technology. For Hanon Systems, PYPRA developed precision metal components, essential for thermal management systems. Our skills in metal fabrication ensured these components met the automotive industry's high standards, demonstrating our commitment to supporting leaders like Hanon Systems in their environmental and technological goals.



Unitronics excels in automation and control technology, offering integrated solutions that simplify complex industrial processes. They are pioneers in combining PLCs with HMI panels, significantly enhancing productivity and operational reliability. In collaboration with Unitronics, PYPRA produced custom metal enclosures for their control units. Our metal fabrication and assembly expertise were key to creating products that meet the rigorous requirements of the automation industry, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-quality, durable, and functional solutions.


Columbus Industries

Columbus Industries leads in air filtration, offering solutions that enhance air quality and environmental health. Their innovative and sustainable approaches to air purification have set industry standards, focusing on protecting environments across various sectors. For Columbus Industries, PYPRA developed specialized metal frames for filtration units, emphasizing our metal fabrication precision. This collaboration underlines our commitment to producing durable, high-quality components that align with the stringent demands of the air filtration industry, aiding in their mission to improve air quality.



Aptiv leads in automotive technology, focusing on creating safer, greener, and more connected vehicles. Originating from Delphi, Aptiv innovates in electronics and safety, addressing the challenges of modern mobility and sustainability. PYPRA partnered with Aptiv to produce precision metal parts for vehicle systems, showcasing our metal fabrication skills. This collaboration highlights our commitment to quality and our capacity to meet the automotive industry's high standards, aiding in the advancement of vehicle safety and efficiency.



Flex, previously Flextronics, stands as a pivotal figure in the global supply chain, offering innovative design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions. They specialize in bringing intelligent products from concept to reality, enhancing connectivity across diverse industries. In partnership with Flex, PYPRA engineered and fabricated precise metal components essential for electronic devices, showcasing our proficiency in metalwork. This collaboration demonstrates our dedication to quality and our ability to meet the needs of industry leaders, contributing to the development of smarter, interconnected products.


Kurtz Ersa

Kurtz Ersa, with a 240-year legacy, leads in producing soldering systems, molding machines, and foam cutting equipment, setting benchmarks in electronics and metalworking through innovation, quality, and precision. PYPRA partnered with Kurtz Ersa to provide specialized metal parts for their machinery, showcasing our metal fabrication expertise. This partnership highlights our commitment to quality and precision, complementing Kurtz Ersa’s long-standing tradition of manufacturing excellence.



Legrand stands at the forefront of electrical and digital building solutions, offering innovative products that enhance building efficiency and design. Their focus on intuitive and straightforward management of electrical systems sets a high standard in the industry. For Legrand, PYPRA crafted custom metal components essential for electrical systems, demonstrating our metalwork precision. This collaboration reflects our dedication to quality and our ability to meet the specialized needs of the electrical industry, aligning with Legrand's innovative spirit.



Durol excels in providing comprehensive industrial solutions, specializing in integration, machining, automation and control, robotics, pneumatics, and innovative project designs. Their expertise facilitates enhanced production processes and efficiency across various industries. PYPRA supported Durol by producing specialized metal components, crucial for their advanced automation and robotic projects. Our proficiency in metal fabrication and commitment to precision played a pivotal role in this partnership, aligning with Durol's innovative approach to industrial challenges, showcasing our combined strengths in pushing technological boundaries.


Alaska Structures

Alaska Structures is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of advanced fabric buildings and shelter systems. Renowned for their versatility and durability, Alaska Structures' solutions serve various industries, including military, commercial, and humanitarian sectors, providing robust and sustainable shelter solutions worldwide. PYPRA has collaborated with Alaska Structures, providing precision metal solutions for their innovative building and shelter systems. Our partnership reflects our commitment to delivering quality components that contribute to the reliability and durability of Alaska Structures' products.



Alcoa Corporation is a prominent aluminum producer, specializing in lightweight metals engineering and manufacturing. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Alcoa plays a pivotal role in advancing industries through the application of aluminum solutions. PYPRA's collaboration with Alcoa, a global leader in aluminum manufacturing, highlights our expertise in metal fabrication. We have worked closely with Alcoa to produce intricate aluminum components.


Robert Bosch GmbH

Bosch is a global leader in technology and services, known for its diverse portfolio ranging from automotive solutions to industrial technology and consumer goods. With a relentless pursuit of innovation, Bosch shapes the future with smart and sustainable solutions. PYPRA has partnered with Bosch, a world-renowned technology and services company, to deliver precision components for various applications. Our collaboration underscores our commitment to meeting the exacting standards of Bosch in the development of cutting-edge technologies.



Strattec is a leading provider of automotive access control systems. Specializing in high-security solutions, Strattec manufactures innovative locking systems that enhance vehicle security and access control. PYPRA has worked in collaboration with Strattec, contributing to the manufacturing of high-security locking systems for the automotive industry. Our partnership showcases our dedication to precision and quality in delivering components that meet the stringent standards of Strattec.



IMMSA is an industry leader in aluminum die casting, serving the automotive sector with a strong commitment to quality and efficiency. Their facility is equipped with advanced machinery for die casting and melting, ensuring high-quality production around the clock. They hold ISO certifications, emphasizing their dedication to environmental and quality management standards. PYPRA has partnered with IMMSA to enhance their manufacturing capabilities, providing custom metal fabrication services. This collaboration underscores our expertise in meeting the specific needs of the automotive industry, delivering precision and quality that align with IMMSA's stringent standards.


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