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Lathe Operators



PYPRA Sheet metal solutions is a company  with broad experience, supporting Industrial Companies .

We count with highly trained personal, prepared to cover work needs such as:


•Designing prototypes

•High volume production

•Improve machinery and process

•Assemble lines of production

•Processes of automation

Quality Policies


In PYPRA, we are compromised to give integral quality solutions that satisfy the client requisites, as well as any applicable legal regulations. We are focused in continuously upgrading and innovating in our processes and products, thus upholding a quality control system that is both efficient and effective.

Our values


In PYPRA Sheet Metal Solutions, we firmly believe in:

Our Mission and Vision



Provide comprehensive solutions in the design, manufacturing, and assembly of high-quality metal parts for the manufacturing industry, committed to the satisfaction of our customers and the well-being of our employees.​



To be recognized as the leading company in northern Mexico in the market of metal parts for the manufacturing industry, expanding our presence and strengthening our relationships with customers and suppliers at both national and international levels.

Certified Excelence


PYPRA Sheet Metal Solutions proudly holds certifications from NORMIA International, attesting to its compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Additionally, the company has been certified for its exemplary work security standards, ensuring a safe and secure work environment; As well as PYPRA's dedication to continuous improvement is underscored by its certification in the Kaizen method. Furthermore, the adherence to the 5S principles emphasizes the company's dedication to workplace organization, efficiency, and sustainability. These certifications reinforce PYPRA Sheet Metal Solutions' reputation for excellence, reliability, and a forward-looking approach to business practices.

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